About Us

International Divers Co., Inc & Best Bet Line Handlers

Under the Water
Peter MacCallum, Jr.'s interest in maritime matters began as a child. Growing up on a ranch in Webb county, the family vacationed regularly in Port Aransas, TX where Pete found he enjoyed every aspect of life on or in the water. After learning to dive and discovering his passion for working on the water, he eventually decided not to return to the ranch and started work as an underwater welder for Arco Company at Harbor Island. This new found passion for diving led to Pete spending most of his waking hours on or under the water. He developed and trained an excellent crew of divers and tenders. With such a high demand for underwater work, Pete saw an opportunity to create a business. International Divers Company was born.

Pete began his business career with a two man diving team in 1963, and through the next four decades, expanded his business ventures in 5 companies with 150 full time employees and 50 part time workers. With an efficient, well trained and highly recommended team the company thrived. Their motto was "If you can do it on land we can do it underwater." The company never turned down a job and continued to grow and strive to do whatever was needed to fulfill the job requirements. From pouring concrete, welding and burning, salvaging vessels and repairing underwater pipelines, International Divers got the job done at a time when tools and materials had to be designed to get the job done; the job was always successfully accomplished.

On the water
In 1997 Best Bet Line Handlers evolved when Pete, answered his Corpus Christi customer's desire for competition in the line handling business. With Pete's design background firmly established in the diving industry, he knew there was a better design for line boats and worked for three years with a naval architect to design and engineer a 26 - foot aluminum line handling boat that combines both power and speed. The boats are truly state of the art and outshine any like them in every aspect. With eleven line boats, one tug and barge, a 200 metric ton water barge, a supply boat and an 80 foot crew and delivery boat. Best Bet's motto is "We run the line in Maritime" For the Port of Corpus Christi and Ingleside.

Pete currently provides full service in the marine industry in four ports along the Gulf Coast with services including line handling, launch and stores deliveries both in the port and off shore, fresh water deliveries and off shore crew changes.